LRRH Storyworld in The Virtual Storyteller

Creating an interactive story about Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) with The Virtual Storyteller means two things:

  1. Letting go of the idea to reproduce the original story.
  2. Trying to implement some of the physical and psychological processes that one can believe to drive the LRRH world and its characters.

The following describes the small story world that was created for the LRRH authoring workshop at ICIDS ‘08. We followed an iterative authoring cycle, using the LRRH story as inspiration for authoring decisions made along the way. The idea is also to use feedback of the simulation as further inspiration for new content.

We created three character agents to play the roles of Little Red Riding Hood (Red), Grandma, and Wolf. To enable a tight feedback loop between authoring and simulation outcomes, we started with a simple and minimal design of a story world (e.g., one goal and actions that can achieve it, so that the planner can turn these actions into a goal plan). The initial setup of the story world contained the goal (and accompanying actions) to bring a cake to Grandma. To enable the expression of this goal, a small story world geography was authored (a path from Red’s house to the forest, and from the forest to Grandma’s house) along with some actions (to skip from one location to another, and to give something to someone). This world is depicted here (images created by hand):