Creation Process in Thespian

Currently, the specification of directorial control goals are defined using the format shown in the example above. For authoring agents, Thespian provides 3 alternative approaches: a GUI, a spreadsheet approach or specification in a Python format. Note the GUI and spreadsheet approaches have both been used by non-technical users to create agents,. We start by discussing the third approach first.

Authoring Interface I:

For authors who are comfortable writing codes, the agents can be directly coded. For example, following is a definition of an agent, including its horizon and depth of reasoning, actions, state features, goals and beliefs.

classHierarchy['NormAgent'] = {
   ‘actions’: {’type’:'XOR’,
                 'base': {'type':'XOR',
                {'entity':    ['self'],
                                  ‘direction’: ‘max’,
                                  ‘type’:      ’state’,
                                  ‘key’:   ‘init-norm’,
                                  ‘weight’:    .5},

                 {’entity’:  ['self'],


Authoring Interface II:

Alternatively, the author can use a graphic interface for defining the agents.

All the components defined in the above example can be inputted through this interface.



Authoring Interface III:

Finally, project specific format for text input can be defined. Part of the agent modeling is done within Thespian (in the code that supports the interpretation of the text input), the author only need to change a few parameters for defining the agents.For example, below is a text file that define two agents who negociate with each other. The two agents have differnt goals in terms of how much they care about themselves vs. care about the other person’s experience. They may also have different beliefs about the other person’s goals.


To further faciliatate authoring, Thespian can simulate potential users’ behaviors and generate all the potential interaction paths.

An additional program is developped in Unity game engine to help the author view and edit the paths, as well as supply surface sentencs to the dialogue acts.