Storyworld Concepts

From here, you can access original ideas for adaptations of the Little Red Riding Hood story that are appropriate to work with the different architectures.

  • NN Tool:
  • Cyranus: Make a talking "game" out of the fairy tale. Assume that LRRH is a dream of a woman, Julie, and she is now seeking your advice to interpret it…
  • EmoEmma-AuthoringTool:
  • Enigma:
  • IDtension: Based on the initial story, the goal is to create an interactive drama where the player plays the Little Red Cap.
  • LinearLogic:
  • PaSSAGE:
  • Scenejo: ‘TheLoneWolf’ flatters ‘LittleRedRidingHood’. You (the user) encounter them while you come by, jogging through the woods. Since TheLoneWolf doesn‘t seem to be a trustworthy guy, you might want to rescue LittleRedRidingHood and start to meddle in their conversation….
  • Thespian:
  • VirtualStoryteller: