‘Meddling’ - an interactive story concept for Scenejo

Telling stories in Scenejo is constrained to acting out verbal conversations between virtual and human actors. Its paradigm of interaction suggests to work on an adaptation that gives players the opportunity to join in a conversation between virtual actors, or to interrupt their conversation. Therefore, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ was adapted to be a conversation on a secluded path in the forest.

Mission for Interaction:

‘TheLoneWolf’ flatters ‘LittleRedRidingHood’. You (the user) encounter them while you come by, jogging through the woods. Since TheLoneWolf doesn‘t seem to be a trustworthy guy, you might want to rescue LittleRedRidingHood and start to meddle in their conversation.

  • Goal for interactor: Do the best for LittleRedRidingHood‘s happiness
  • Moral: It‘s not easy to decide if and when to invade someone‘s private sphere

Interface and interaction:
The two figures are 3D/TTS-talking heads on the screen, interaction is accomplished by the keyboard and AIML-based natural language. At any point, the user can meddle in the conversation by typing text. The intervention possibly influences story states and scene changes.

The „plot“ and scenes:
The first scene is a training mode to involve the user. Then, the conversation gets more and more odd so that the user has to decide to intervene or not, and if so, decide on the right words. Other scenes follow with different dialogues. There are 4 possible endings, 2 of which occur after extensive user meddling (one positive, one negative): Devour or romance (diffident user), embarrass or rescue (meddling user).