LRRH Storyworld in Linear Logic

Our system aims to derive an interactive storytelling where the player can influence the unfolding of the story (the discourse). As a consequence for a given storyworld we define various possible discourses (that are base on the same pattern of story structure).

The storyworld (character, setting, etc.):  the Little Red Riding Hood history. The Little Red Riding Hood, the mother, the grandmother, the wolf, the hunters, a wood between the two houses, a cake and a little pot of butter.

The player is cast as the Little Red Riding Hood and act within the time and space of the fictional world of the Little Red Riding Hood history.

Three possible narratives :

- N1: Folk tales: based on Grimms’ narrative. The Little Red Riding Hood walks through the woods to deliver food to her sick grandmother. The wolf wants to eat her, and goes to the grandmother house. A hunter help her to kill the wolf.

- N2: Fairy tales: a witch put a spell on the little Red Riding Hood. She has one day to marry a prince otherwise she will become a dwarf. The wolf, who is a princess that was put a spell, fells in love with the Little Red Ridding Hood and try to seduce her. Finally the Little Red Riding Hood gives a kiss to the wolf that becomes a wonderful prince. They get married, etc.

- N3: Action tales: the Little Red Ridding Hood wants to kill the wolf. The wolf escapes and meets hunter that protect him against the Little Red Riding Hood. The Wolf encounter Grandmother, take her as hostage, and there is a final fight. The Little Red Riding kills the wolf.


Each narrative follows a basic structure:

1- Introduction

2- The task

3- Encounter with the Wolf

4- The two ways

5- The Wolf and the Grandmother

6- Arrival of Little Red Ridding Hood

7- First dialogue

8- Second dialogue

9- Conclusion