Example Scene in Linear Logic
Three possible narratives :
- N1: Folk tales: based on Grimms’ narrative. The Little Red Riding Hood walks through the woods to deliver food to her sick grandmother. The wolf wants to eat her, and goes to the grandmother house. A hunter help her to kill the wolf.
- N2: Fairy tales: A witch put a spell on the little Red Riding Hood. She has one day to marry a prince otherwise she will become a dwarf. The wolf, who is a princess that was put a spell, fells in love with the Little Red Ridding Hood and try to seduce her. Finally the Little Red Riding Hood gives a kiss to the wolf that becomes a wonderful prince. They get married, etc.
- N3: Action tales: the Little Red Ridding Hood wants to kill the wolf. The wolf escapes and meets hunter that protect him against the Little Red Riding Hood. The Wolf encounter Grandmother and there is a final fight. The Little Red Riding kills the wolf.
Basic structure :
BS1- Introduction
BS2- The task
BS3- Encounter with the Wolf
BS4- The two ways
BS5- The Wolf and the Grandmother
BS6- Arrival of Little Red Ridding Hood
BS7- First dialogue
BS8- Second dialogue
BS9- Conclusion
Each narrative gives plot at each stage of the basic structure.
- BS1: It is more a triggered event
N1: LRRH asks for her Grandmother’s health
N2: LRRH asks for eating a cake
N3: LRRH takes a gun
- BS2:
N1: Her mother gives cake and a pot of butter to deliver to Grandmother
N2: A witch puts a spell on her
N3: Her mother tells her about a wolf that eat goats
Character states
- Wolf
We: aims to eat the LRRH
Ws: aims to seduce the LRRH
Wr: escapes from the LRRH
Wd: dead
- Little Red Riding Hood
Lw: aims to kill the wolf
Lh: was putted a spell
Lv: goes to visit her grandmother
Player inputs:
- Little Red Riding Hood
ILs: shoots the wolf
ILk: kisses the wolf
IL1: walks way 1
IL2: walks way 2
ILh: asks for her Grandmother’s health
Narrative program:
LRRHAsksForGMHealth : BS1 \tprod Lo \tprod ILh \limp BS2N1 \tprod Lv
LRRHAsksForEatingACake : BS1 \tprod ILc \limp BS2N2
LRRHTakesAGun : BS1 \tprod Lo \tprod ILg \limp BS2N3 \tprod Lw \tprod Lg
MotherAsksToBringCake : BS2N1 \tprod IMa \imp BS3N1
LRRHShootsTheWolf : BS3N1 \tprod ILs \tprod Lv \tprod We \limp Lw \tprod BS3N3 \tprod Wr
WGivesAWrongWay : BS3N1 \tprod IWw \limp BS4N1
WEatsGM : BS4N1 \tprod IWg \limp BS5N1
WAsksGMtoHelpHim : BS4N1 \tprod IWa \limp BS5N2
WTaksGMAsHostage : BS4N1 \tprod IWh \limp BS5N3
LRRHEntersTheHouse : BS5N1 \tprod BS6N1
LRRHEscapesTheWolf : BS6N1 \tprod ILe \limp BS7N1
WitchPutASpell : BS2N2 \tprod IW \tprod Lo \limp BS3N2 \tprod Lh
LRRHKissesTheWolf : BS3N2 \tprod Lh \tprod ILk \limp lr
WSeducesLRRH : BS3N2 \tprod IWs \limp BS4N2
An output of the game partial execution: