Storyworld in Enigma

There is no particular limitation to any style/genre of red riding hood stories that can be generated with ENIGMA. If I was the PA responsible for such a project, I would set up the story world in such a way as to encourage the creation of a comical universe, where everything we know about fairy tales is turned on its head, similar to the Red Riding Hood version presented in the movie Hoodwinked!. An attempt of mine to create such a story world conception (originally created for the RRH workshop at TIDSE 2006) that opens up many possibilities of story development by giving characters conflicting goals can be found below.


The magic forest is right in the centre of the magic land. It is well known for its magic lawn, which is the only place in the world where the famous magic potatoes grow. Magic potatoes are loved by all inhabitants of the magic land for their psychedelic feel-good properties. Until recently everyone in the magic land lived peacefully together and there were enough potatoes for everyone to have a constantly good time. However, since the new chancellor is in power, things have changed. Tensions between different magical races that used to get along well are stirring up, certain races have been classified as “dangerous” and this is all fuelled by a constant potato shortage. The chancellor claims that potatoes are government property and that potato export is the key to a wealthier future for the whole magic land. In order to prevent the locals from their usual practice of picking potatoes, a hunter has been installed in the forest who is supposed to enforce the new laws. Citizens who collaborate and help to track down criminals are rewarded with extra potato rations.

Characters: Maia (Red Hood)

Maia is supposed to pay her Granny a visit. It’s a beautiful day and she is wearing her favourite red hood. However, all she can think about is the big party tonight. She only agreed to visit her granny because that gives her the opportunity to collect some magic potatoes for the party tonight. Plus Granny also likes them. Her only worry is that this new overambitious hunter catches her with the potatoes. She could get into a lot of trouble. If only she knew that there is also a dangerous wolf on the loose that she needs to worry about…

Characters: Hans (Hunter)

Hans is the new hunter in the magic forest. He takes law enforcement very seriously. He has already made the forest a much safer place by arresting most of its dangerous inhabitants including bears, wolfs and squirrels. However, there is one wolf that he could not catch so far but he won’t be able to hide forever. Hans is also fighting a determined battle against potato theft much to the dislike of the locals. This morning he built a big fence around the magic potato lawn. The only key to the gate is in his pocket. Right now he is having a well deserved rest and is taking a nap but the slightest sound will wake him up, his loaded gun next to him…

Characters: Lupo (Wolf)

Lupo is the only wolf left in the magic forest. He feels discriminated and all he wants is to leave the country. However he needs some disguise because Hans has his spies everywhere. A hood would be ideal. The other big problem is that Lupo would give anything for a few potatoes but since this morning they are all behind a big fence: another trick of this new hunter to make his life more difficult. Lupo, a convinced vegetarian, realizes that the lack of potatoes makes him aggressive and when he starts feeling hungry he is for the first time in his life actually fancying some meat. That is when this girl in red comes along the way….