EmoEmma-AuthoringTool Scene

Here, we describe a brief sample of an instantiation of the LRRH story: the  presented segment occurs when the Wolf, who is disguised as LRRH’s GrandMa, is having a conversation with LRRH and is about to reveal its identity.

  • A portion of the current world state may be represented as follow:

initial state

We notice that different types of predicates are instantiated within the world state. They illustrate physical attributes such as the location of each character, some contextual property (the WOLF and LRRH in conversation) but also state of mind, such as the curiosity and fear of LRRH towards the WOLF.

  • Here is a sequence of 3 operators (STRIPS-like representation): two actions and one interpretation operator.

The following action describes the segment when the LRRH asks: "What great teeth you have got!"


The following action describes the segment when the wicked Wolf replies: "The better to eat you up now!"


The following operator describes when the LRRH realises that her GrandMa was eaten up by the wicked Wolf, and she is likely to be the next person to be devoured.