EmoEmma-AuthoringTool Architecture

Combined with ontology of characters’ feelings, our latest work on character-based affective Interactive Storytelling aims at reconciling both generation and visualisation philosophies and uses a real-time Heuristic Search Planner (HSP) [Bonet and Geffner, 1999] to generate characters’ actions consistent with their psychology and allowing anytime user interactions [ACII2007] [AAMAS2009].

[Bonet, B., and Geffner, H.: Planning as heuristic search: new results. In: Proceedings of the European Conference on Planning (ECP’99), pp. 360--372 (1999)]

Our authoring environment (as shown above) has been developed subsequently to our proof-of-concept prototypes of emotional planning for IS. Its rationale was to support the authoring of a complex planning domain, by checking its completeness and its consistency. However, since this authoring tool was an interface to the narrative formalism itself [TIDSE06], and that the narrative formalism determined entirely the interactive narrative, it became a candidate for a more generic approach to authoring and authoring methods [ICIDS08]. The integration of new modules could support the collaboration between authors and developers in designing an interactive narrative.

The authoring tool is available for download here and its user documentation is downloadable from here. Note that it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package to work, which you can download from here.