Cyranus Example Scene


The following two exemplary interactions should give a taste of the intended interactions. The player uses the keyboard to talk, Julie (the virtual character) uses text-to-speech.

1)      Example of an unsuccessful interaction. This interaction is not successful because the player goes straight to the point. The “lesson” to be learnt: When speaking about such delicate issues, is better to talk cautiously.

Julie says: "I feel bad, because of the nightmare"

User says: "You were dreaming of sex!"

Julie says: "Bullshit"

Whenever Julie says “bullshit”, the user looses the game. Thus, the user has lost this game.


2)      Example of a successful talk. The user acts like a psychoanalyst, who rather tries to ask the right questions, in order to achieve his goals. The “lesson” to be learnt, from this example: It is essential to find out the best question, at every moment.

Julie says: "I feel bad, because of the nightmare"

User says: "Why do you feel bad?"

Julie says: "I do not know exaclty, I think it was frigthening"

(some dialogue steps after)

Julie says: "But who could the wolf stand for?"

User: "Does the wolf remind you of someone?"

Julie says: “I do not know. It is as hairy as my husband.”

User: “Can you imagine that the wolf stands for your husband?”

Julie says: “Yes, it could be!”

User: “But your husband never tried to eat you, I hope.”

Julie says: “No!”

User: “But are you sometimes frightened by your husband?”

Julie: “Well, yes, sometimes…”

(some dialogue steps after)

Julie says: "I think this dream was about sex. Oh my God!"

(User wins the game)